Sturgeon County Acreages

Sturgeon County covers more than 2,300 square kilometres of farmland an comprised of 35 townships with a population of almost 20,000 residents. It has a wide range of services, high standard of living and is the home of the Alberta Industrial Heartland which is one of the world's most attractive locations for chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas investment. If You have questions of any of the acreages for sale in Sturgeon County, simply give me a call, text or email.

You can also search for acreages for sale in Sturgeon County by price point.

$100,000-$200,000            $200,000-$300,000            $300,000-$400,000             $400,000-$500,000             $500,000-$600,000            $600,000-$700,000
$700,000-$800,000           $800,000-$900,000            $900,000 +