Home Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a REALTOR® when selling my home?
Yes. As a full time REALTOR® this is all that I do. Some of the biggest benefits to working with me as Your REALTOR® is my experience, my marketing expertise to showcase Your home to ensure a quick sale and to successfully negotiate and close an offer on Your home for the best price with the best terms and conditions. At the end of the day You consult and utilize a professional in every aspect of Your life and selling Your home should be no different.

Should I stage my home when it's listed?
Absolutely! A home that's staged will generally sell for more money, sell faster and Your marketing will stand out that much more over the competition. Now this doesn't mean that You have to go out and buy brand new furniture. More often than not we can work with Your existing furniture to make Your home shine. I personally walk through Your home with You room by room to ensure that each room is at its best.

How are You going to market my home?
Every home is different and has unique characteristics. I start with my Big Brand Online Marketing plan which You can view here and then start adding in different elements and strategies to drive qualified buyers to Your home. 

Often times our marketing is seen by tens of thousands of people looking for a home just like Yours and we receive a ton of interaction from potential buyers.

Where is my home going to be marketed?
With myself and my marketing team we utilize all the latest marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. What's worked for years may obsolete and what's been working last month may be out the window. That's why its important to have a realtor and marketing team that knows how to market real estate and has a passion for creating results. 

How long will it take my home to sell?
That depends on a couple things...factors such as Your motivation to sell, the price point that our home is in, market conditions, time of year, economic factors, size of home and even the type of floor plan You have all play into how long it takes our home to sell. 

When I list Your home I will show You what the average days on market (DOM) for homes that are similar to ours so we will have a good idea of what to expect.

How many showings will it take to sell my home?
On average anywhere from 5-10 showings will generally produce an offer. Now it's rare that You will accept the first/initial offer a buyer submits, but after some negotiating it will generally work out for both parties and the offer will become accepted. 

Depending on the type of market and what we're listed at compared to the competition, You may receive an offer(s) within Your first 5 showings...and on the flip side if we have a lot of competition then we may need 10-20 showings to receive an offer. 

Do I have to be home for showings?
No. It's actually preferred that You're not home when a potential buyer is looking at Your home with another realtor. Not only can it be awkward and potentially weaken our negotiating strategy when an offer comes in, but we also want the buyer to feel at home and really envision themselves in Your home which can be a challenge if the seller is home.

How are potential buyers going to access my home?
As a REALTOR® we use something called a "lockbox". This is basically a strongbox that holds Your house key that we attach to Your door knob or railing. Only realtors that are in good standing and that have an access code can retrieve Your key. 

Should I have candles or air fresheners in my home when its being shown?
This is a good question and I actually hear this a lot from my sellers. Now in my opinion, Your home should smell clean and fresh. The more artificial scents You have in a home, the more people begin to wonder if You're trying to cover something up.

Now more than ever I'm seeing more workplaces become 'scent free zones' and more clients are telling me that they are sensitive to strong smells or odours. The last thing that we want is for potential buyers to be more concerned with what they're smelling, rather than looking at the home.

Can You help me determine my expenses when selling my home?
Yes. Every situation is unique and different but in most cases it's fairly easy to determine Your final expenses when selling Your home. Everything from lawyer fee's, realtor commissions, providing closing documents and even potential mortgage payout fees are calculated so that there are no surprises when our home sells.

As You can see there are many questions that come up when someone is new to the home selling process. This is by no means the entire list, but these are generally the most common questions that I hear when working with a new client thats looking to sell their home.

If You have any other questions that are not here on the Sellers FAQ or on the Sellers Guide Download simply give me a call, send me a text or an email and I'll be more than happy the answer them for You.

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