Home Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit to working with REALTOR®?
As a full-time real estate agent, this is all that I do. I know the market trends, values of homes in specific areas, I help You arrive at a true market value for a home, I know how to properly write and negotiate contracts, what to watch out for and be aware of when negotiating and I have a database of industry professionals within our reach to ensure a smooth home buying experience from start to finish.

Keep in mind that not all REALTORS® are created equal so be sure to do Your research and ask questions.

Is it better to work with one REALTOR® when buying a home?
Yes. It's important to work with one REALTOR® when buying home because I get to know You, Your home style and important details that could affect the home buying process. It becomes easier and saves You time, effort and energy as our relationship grows and develops. 

I can show You all homes that are on the MLS® even if they are listed with another company. Going one step further, if You have a home to sell before purchasing Your new home, I can help You with the sale of Your home as well. The benefit to that, is that it's easier to line up dates, conditions, terms, negotiations and to ensure that everything goes as smooth at possible for You.

Can a REALTOR® help with the purchase of a new home through a builder or a non MLS® home for sale?
Yes. As a REALTOR® I have personally worked with a handful of builders and I have great relationships with them. It's exciting to be able to represent a buyer and introduce them to a builder so that they can experience building a home exactly the way they envision it. 

If a client is interested purchasing a home through a builder, we both would visit the builders show home together and I would register You with that builder.

As a buyer, do I have to pay the REALTOR®?
It depends...9/10 times the buyer DOES NOT have to pay the REALTOR®, but there is the rare instance where the buyer will be responsible. 

Should I talk to my bank before looking at a home?
Yes. One of the roles of a REALTOR® is to make sure that we're showing You homes that are within Your means, and that meet Your criteria. Getting pre-qualified is one of the first steps in buying a home. Not only that, but we wouldn't want to waste Your time, or the sellers time by showing You a home that's not within Your budget or having no idea what our price range is.

On a side note...just because You're pre-qualified for a certain dollar amount, doesn't mean that You have to spend it. Regardless of what You're pre-qualified for, what's important is what You're comfortable with paying each month towards your mortgage.

Can You help with recommending other industry professionals?
Yes. As a REALTOR® we work with many industry professionals on a daily basis and can make recommendations when/if they are needed. Everything from home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers and even house cleaners and movers... anything that typically has to do with real estate we can make recommendations and/or point You in the right direction.

How many homes do I look at before I put in an offer?
That's 100% up to You :) Most people look at around 5-10 homes before they feel confident in their choice. That being said, depending on the market and price range there may not be that many homes for sale. I've worked with clients for over a year before they made a decision and on the flip side I've also worked with clients that fell in love with the first home they saw.

Can You help me determine my expenses when buying a home?
Yes. Every situation is unique and different but in most cases it's fairly easy to determine Your final expenses when purchasing Your home. Everything from home inspections, lawyers and down payments... I can help determine all of these so there are no surprises.

Should I get a home inspection?
9 out of 10 times I recommend a home inspection but there is the rare situation where is doesn't make sense to get one. Home inspections cost roughly $450-$600 depending on the company, size of the home and they last around 1-3 hours depending once again on the size of the home and if they run into any issues with the home. 

A good inspector will test everything from electrical, plumbing, check the roof for leaks, check for moisture in the home, make sure the furnace and appliances are running properly, inspect the foundation if accessible and make sure that everything is up to code along with many other tests they complete. They will generally provide You with a binder that includes their home inspection report along with pictures of their findings for You to keep for Your records. 

A little money up front by investing in a good home inspector can potentially save You thousands in the future.

As You can see there are many questions that come up when someone is new to the home buying process. This is by no means the entire list, but these are generally the most common questions that I hear when working with a buyer.

If You have any other questions that are not here on the Buyers FAQ or on the Buyers Guide Download simply give me a call, send me a text or an email and I'll be more than happy the answer them for You.

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