The Best Spring-Cleaning Checklist (Printable)

Spring is in the air - but dirt and grime shouldn't be.

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the snow is...still there, just a lot more sloppy. Its time to bust open your windows and your cleaning supplies! 

For those of you stuck on where to start, this blog is for you! In celebration of spring finally arriving, I thought I would put together my go-to checklist for de-cluttering and freshening up my home. This is a good list for tackling all the areas neglected during the winter due to the annual case of winter slumps (speaking from personal experience here - you're not the only one)

I've also included some tips, tricks, and recipes for making your cleaning experience more productive. Check out the printable PDF at the bottom of the page for an in-depth Spring Cleaning Checklist.

10-Minute Tidy Up

This is mentioned in almost every room on my checklist. I use this term as a bridge between cleaning and tidying. A true 10-minute tidy up will vary from room to room. This covers all cleaning that doesn't involve products. Example; picking up toys, putting away dishes, folding tea towels, making sure everything is in its proper home. I find this step can sometimes be the hardest. Looking at a room with a number of things out of place can leave you not knowing where to start. Dedicate 10 minutes strictly to putting things away. Once this step is out of the way you will have a clear working space, leaving you ready to crush out your spring cleaning. 

Store Away Winter Gear

This tip is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to boots, coats, & mitts, but try and apply this to areas other than your front closet. Any winter clothes or Christmas specific dishes, mugs, or baking supplies should also be included in this step. Freeing up space in your closet and pantry will make an overall difference in the feel of your home. 


This is a good opportunity to invest in some space savers. Using containers & bins in your home is an awesome way to keep your space clean for longer periods on time. I use bins throughout my entire house in closets, drawers, cupboards, and even the refrigerator. So instead of throwing your keys in the drawer and not being able to find them later, that item has a specific spot in a specific container leaving it accessible and tidy! Click here for more info on organizing your home with bins.

Cleaning Windows

When it comes to cleaning windows, whether it be your car or home, make sure it is not under direct sunlight!
This will result in lots of streaking due to it essentially baking the product you're using.

Cleaning Acrylic Shower Doors

I have an acrylic shower in my home and no matter what cleaner I use I always struggled to get soap scum off the door. After using this recipe my door looked brand new! It took off everything leaving it sparkling clean! I am so impressed with this recipe as I had all the ingredients in my home already making it super inexpensive and easy to use. I will link the blog I found this recipe for here

I hope these tips help you in your spring cleaning this season. Not only is this a good excuse to get your house clean, but also an awesome guide for getting your home ready for the spring market. If you or someone you know is looking to list this season in the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain area, feel free to inquire for a complimentary market evaluation OR check out my previous blog post; 7 Simple Steps To Selling In A Buyers Market. I regularly post tips and knowledge on selling/buying in today's market so be sure to stay tuned and keep your eye out for future posts! 

Click to view and download my personal in-depth Spring Cleaning Checklist!