Easter Made Easy - No Bake Mini-Egg Cheesecake

Easter is the perfect time to try something new and WOW the family with your baking skills. My partner is amazing in the kitchen and this is one of her favourite cheesecake recipes because its a no bake cheesecake which is easy to make and hard mess up.

Tips for the perfect mini-egg cheesecake...

- Make sure to whip your cream until stiff. If you don't whip it long enough it could leave your cake a little runny/sloppy. 

- Since this cake isn't baked, measurements can be adjusted.  If you need to do some fidgeting to get it how you like it will not affect the outcome of the cake

-If you like your cheesecake to have a little more tang, add more lemon juice

-Don't let the measurements tell you how much chocolate you need, add as many mini-eggs as your heart desires
-Your cake should turn out stiff enough to hold its shape, like slicing through room temperature butter. If your cake 
ends up wobbly when you shake it, stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes before serving

-When removing the cake from the springform, take a butter knife and run it under hot water. Wipe the knife dry and run it around the edges of the cake before popping it open. DON'T skip this step!
-The size of your springform depends on how tall or thin you would like your cake. (again, we are not baking so this will not affect how the cake turns out). If you would like a taller cake use a smaller springform. If you'd like a thinner cake as seen in the video, use a traditional sized pan.