Wicked Fun Events & Activities This Halloween

Spruce Grove & Stony Plain are getting Spooky this Halloween season. We have an awesome selection of local events for the kids, family, or friends!  

Check out these smashing events & activities for all ages in Spruce Grove & Stony Plain this year!

All websites available linked below. Be sure to call ahead for potential ticket or time information. 


Family Fun

Oct. 2nd-31st - Spooky Series Escape Room

Oct. 26th - Spooky Toonie Swim
@ Tri Leisure from 5-9pm


Oct. 2nd-31st - Spooky Series Escape Room

Oct. 22nd - Paint Night
Located @ The Beer Hunter 

Little Ghouls

Oct. 16th - Baby Print Party
Halloween Spooky Prints @Crock-a-doodle

Oct. 25th - Monster Mash Halloween Party

Oct. 26th - Mini Monster Bash
@ Heritage Park Stony Plain from 10am-2pm


Family Fun

-Pumpkin Carving
-Watch a family friendly halloween movie
-Decorate Halloween themed sugar cookies
-Halloween cruise; pack some snacks & drive around town looking at the scariest/most creative halloween decorations
-Visit the pumpkin patch
-Go 'booing' - this activity is a fun pastime and a great way to pass it on. Go to a friends doorstep leaving a halloween treat or gift with a note to pass it on to another friend. 
-Make Monster Slime with the kids


-Pumpkin Carving
-Scary movies
-Halloween cocktails 
-Brainstorm matching costumes
-Visit a spooky local haunted house